Emily Perry-Musgrave was born in York in 1993. Having almost no organic intelligence of her own, she naturally turned to creating mediocre-at-best drawings and paintings. During her two years at college studying Art & Design, she found that the juvenile practice of cutting and gluing 2D items together fit her artistic personality perfectly. Since that moment of clarity, Perry-Musgrave has gained a degree in Fine Art and a Masters Degree in Curating from the University of Lincoln.

Her inspirations come from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Victorian smut postcards and her attempts at escaping from reality.

“I have always been interested in the powerful aesthetic that accompanies surrealism. I began to develop my practice as a surrealist when my work as a photo-montagist naturally progressed. I was interested in manipulating the real and altering the way the everyday was viewed. Surrealism was something that creatively, came very easily to me. I combine the aesthetically beautiful with ideas that can initially produce a range of emotions in the viewer. 

I believe in using nostalgia as a juxtaposition in the surrealist concepts I create. I feel that the use of images produced in the past can be combined with a context which is in some ways obscene, to develop and produce art that challenges what we know.

I have always been interested making work that is aesthetically whimsical as well as beautiful to challenge our knowledge of surrealism.“ 

- Emily Perry-Musgrave